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I’m Baaack
March 27, 2010, 7:02 AM
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OK, so, as inevitably happens… life happens. I am so busy (Everyone is!) that I let things go. I ALWAYS let go of things that are for me, though, and I need to not do that quite so much. I enjoy sharing with my friends and so am resolving to improve. I’ve had many requests to get back to doing this… and so… here I am again.

I will be building this up. I plan on having contests, prizes, etc. And this time of year, when there is so much to do ’round here, I have no excuse to not share what we’re doing… granted, you may not want to hear about playing in the dirt, in which case, you could come back later and read more about playing in the dirt… we do play in dirt in the Spring… that is what Spring is for!

As for me, I remembered my login information for the blog. I feel so accomplished and “done” for the day! My rememberer isn’t always the greatest, so if you are in this boat too, you know what a good feeling this is! ❤ .

A brief update: My sister is doing pretty well. She was in the hospital again for several weeks and is on the rebound. We're thankful for this. She's also in pretty good spirits – another praise! The boys have been pretty healthy… We all had the flu over the winter and (although the pediatrician's office told me that "that's impossible" ugh!), the flu (confirmed flu – the boys were tested) lasted only a few days (Jonah was not feeling well for 2 days but was not terribly ill) and Daniel had a bit of a rougher time with it, but even he was only "really" sick for a day, and he did have some respiratory stuff, but it all cleared up and he was better in just 4 days…. So much for that "big, bad" flu… the docs were pretty riled up about it because I refused the tamiflu… crazy how our immune systems deal with stuff and get us healthy again, huh? So, a few rough days and that was better. Sam will be with us at home full time next school year (YAY!!!) and he is already asking to do worksheets for "homeschool"…. he is going to be SOOOO much easier to teach than Jonah! LOL. Things are moving with Jonah's service dog! We are so excited! We are attending a presentation being held on April 21. His sponsor (Milkbone) will be presenting a check to the organization (Canine Assistants) and then we will schedule training. Training will be 2 weeks in Georgia for Jonah and me. Not looking forward to many parts of that aspect of things ( Jonah is terrified of planes ) but I'm sure it will all be fine.

So – that's about it for right now. More to come – I promise! :o)