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Keep On Keepin’ On!!!
December 7, 2009, 8:35 AM
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Hello Friends!

  OK, so I’m a slacker… whaddya want?  We’ve been so busy around here… joyfully busy, but busy none the less!  Last week, we spend a good part of the week just doing an all over cleaning of the house… stuff we normally do, but added in the things we have to do every couple months as well…. taking comforters out of duvet covers and laundering, steam cleaning the carpets, taking care of cob webs (ugh… how on earth?!?! LOL), so we had plenty to keep us busy.  The week culminated with our annual Christmas parties.  On Friday night, we had a wonderful gathering of friends.  We have a pretty big house, but we had about 50 people all on one level (there are 3 full levels and a partial level… so that many people in a relatively small area… aye!  But, everything turned out wonderfully and it was a fantastic gathering, a great night of fellowship, laughing, singing and just enjoying each other’s company.   One thing that really stood out to me (and, in retrospect, the same thing happened last year), is that (and we’ve all experienced this to some degree, I’m sure), is that the men go into the living room or dining room and chat and the women station themselves in the kitchen… arranging dishes on the countertop so that everything fits, getting serving spoons into the dishes, making the punch, helping with the chocolate fountain, getting ice for the shrimp tray… just anything that needed to be done.  And I love (love love love!) how we just gab the entire time, effortlessly, not skipping a beat, while getting everything done that needed to get done.  And, possibly the best part is the spirit in which it was done.  None of us minded being in the kitchen, none of us felt “it is our place” in a derogatory way… we were joyful and content that this is where we could be, spending time together where we are comfortable.  It was the best gift of the night.  Yes, it was wonderful hearing one particular gentleman sing a solo (one of the party games) – someone who is not one we would have guessed would sing for us.  It was great that the children all got along and played so nicely, it was even joyful seeing the teenage boys waiting for everyone to finish going through the line before they went back and devoured more food…. It was all just amazing and joyful and yet again, another happy memory.

   Then, the following day, mom and I spent all morning cooking for our family get together.   Other than the usual family personality mini-clashes, it was all good… yes, the hubby had to get some work stuff done and was not being too communicative, yes, some shoes got lost (and found! On my child! OOPS!) and there is still a coat missing (I swear I didn’t put it on Sam!), but all in all… it went well.  It was wonderful to see family who we usually only see 2 or 3 times a year, and does make me wish that we didn’t live so far away, but all in all… good times!

   Another blessing?  We woke up to snow this morning.   Not sure why, but the last couple years, I’ve just really enjoyed the snow.  Sam was so excited…I barely got inside from taking Henry out when Sam was in the coat room grabbing snow boots and hat and mittens!  When we went out for the bus, he was running in circles yelling “Its CHRISTMAS!”   granted, he was also yelling something about a scorpion in his mittens… but… well… he’s cute.  Haidong was introduced (by Papa – Grandpa) to a good ol’ American snowball fight… Sam was tickled pink to join in the fun.

   We are all back to being healthy again… This year has been such an amazing blessing.  After the trials of last year, I’m just amazed that God just KNOWS what we can handle.  After the difficult year with health issues last year (ALL YEAR LONG! LOL… first surgery/hospitalization in February, last surgery and hospitalization in November! And 7 or 8 others in between those two!), it has just been a complete blessing that the boys have flourished this year.  They’re doing amazingly well.  Jonah is starting to read (granted all I can get him to read is the sports page and… but I’ll take it!)… I knew he would when he was good and ready, but I was sweating that one a lot!  Sam is coming into his own as well… learning and doing and just having fun.  Daniel is an amazing kid… just very willing to learn and has a great sense of humor and a bit of a sensitive side as well.  I am so blessed!

  So, I guess that’s what we’ve been up to.  Keeping busy, for certain.  Having fun, always.  Loving each other.  Laughing.  Life is good.


You Can’t Experience Heartache With No Love In Your Heart.
November 9, 2009, 3:25 PM
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Hello Friends.
As I sit, on the tail end of a REALLY bad week (last week), I can look back with all sorts of feelings, but the emotion I am most grateful for is love. If I hadn’t been going through those “bad times” with love in my heart, none of it would have been “bad” in the first place. Sometimes things hurt. We wouldn’t feel that pain nearly as sharply if it weren’t for the love or affection we hold near to us. Things hurt more when they involve things we care about. So, today, I am grateful for having so many things that I love, so many people to care for and about and so many “causes” that I am willing to fight for. These are the exact things that hurt sometimes, but they are, most definitely, the things worth fighting for.

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