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Getting Plants Started- easy “greenhouse”
April 24, 2010, 12:58 PM
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Hello Friends!

 This week proved to be an extraordinarily busy one!  LOTS and LOTS of planting done – mostly ornamentals early in the week, followed by starting lots of seeds today!  A quick pic:

I really wanted to get away from all of the STUFF inside the house – the past two years have seen loads of plants and animals (chickens) in a sunroom keeping warm & growing.  I don’t have a greenhouse (although I am considering building a small one!)  so I covered containers with heavy gauge plastic to keep out wind, rain & animals & keep the plants nice and warm!  I put a good layer of newspaper underneath the flats that I have the plants in.   The temps are warming up now, although we still have cool evenings, but the warmer temps, combined with the greenhouses, should give me a nice start for our garden.  Just to show what you can do in a small space, there are over 200 seeds started in the containers shown in this picture.  All will be transplanted to either bigger containers (My container garden will be on this same little deck that is terribly under-utilized) or directly into the garden soil.

  Another Quick Pic for you… baby bunnies are now  2 weeks old…and so cute!


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Oh sweet bunny!! Wish we had some here! Love the seed idea, way to go, Mama! Thanks for the ideas! Wub you, ~K~

Comment by Kristy MeYeR

Look at that adorable bunny! I just wanna snoogle it up!

Comment by Kelly

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