Rogue Zahmbie Chickens

Coming this Week: Eating Healthful Meals on a TIGHT budget! AND Gardening, Gardening and MORE Gardening!
April 18, 2010, 7:33 AM
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Hello Friends!
So, In trying to come up with topics that are relevant and important, one idea kept hitting me in the face and then I realized that even though we don’t have an exceptionally small food budget, I’m still really cheap…errrr… frugal and so I can TOTALLY write about this! I just decided to do this yesterday and am starting to write down the extremely healthful meal plan and will post several days of meal plans within a few days.

In other news… Tis The Season!!! Gardening Season! I’m starting a few more plants indoors today after church and then I’m ready!!! Ready to till up soil, add compost… Oh I can’t wait! Spring on the farm is SO MUCH FUN! We took pictures yesterday of one of our new baby bunnies:

Isn’t it adorable?!?! They were 8 days old yesterday!

We also took pictures of Haidong, ready for prom… a pic of all of my boys (and me)… Daddy is out of town working so isn’t in the picture, but… take a look at this crew!!! šŸ™‚

I will also be posting animal and flower pics this week, documenting all of the wonderful things going on ‘down on the farm’ this week. In other news… I do have one lone rogue chicken out there that we’ve been unable to catch to get back in the ‘chicken yard’… And one did get in the house last week when I opened the door, trying to carry in dinner from the grill… and this, my friends, is where the Blog’s title ‘Rogue Zahmbie Chickens’ came from…

Have a blessed Sunday, Friends. Love, Hugs, Blessings & Bare Feet! Jen


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My darling Jen, I’m quite sure that you could write about anything…but especially since us cheeeep, err frugal gals can always use a new idea or two, I’ll be watching for that post. Wait, must dodge a nerf ball…..OK, coast is clear again. I love, love, LOVE springtime on the farm! Can’t wait to see the pics of all your lovely flowers and such. Ooooh, and in other news, I finally found a CSA by me and will be checking it out this week since I can’t seem to grow anything on my patch of sand šŸ™‚ Have I mentioned that I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at your house? I can just imagine that chicken running wild in the house with the boys all chasing it…wooHOOOOO!! Love it! Ahhh, so good to see you blogging again! Have a great week, and don’t forget to keep watching the ticket prices, OK?? *winks*

Comment by Kristy MeYeR

Great pictures can’t wait for the ideas.

Comment by Lynnette

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